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English for Financial Services

English is the global language of business. To remain competitive in the global marketplace, finance professionals need to speak the language of their industry, stay up-to-date with current news and understand how different roles operate in the financial services field.

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Course Overview

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English for Financial Services

In this course, learners are introduced to several different areas in financial services, such as accounting, insurance and securities analysis. Learners will also understand how to read and watch financial news and follow the latest from Wall Street.

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Learn about the basics of accounting, from payroll and budgeting to balance sheets and cash flows.
Study important aspects of banking such as lending, credit and interest rates.
Understand how insurance policies work and the main types of insurance coverage offered today.
Learn about the roles and responsibilities of securities analysts and examine real examples of forecasting.
Discover the origins of investment banking and the role that investment banks play today.
Study different types of investments and explore mutual exchanges and diversification.
Learn about the roles of financial managers and tips for personal finance.
Take a look at Wall Street, stock exchanges and IPOs.
Become comfortable reading and watching news on a variety of financial topics.
Reinforce financial knowledge learned in the course.
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This Class is Eligible for Certification

Students who complete the English for Financial Services course will receive certificates of completion to demonstrate their proficiency level.

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