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TOEFL Preparation

Digi English’s TOEFL Preparation course prepares students for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam, one of the world’s most recognized assessments of English proficiency.

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Course Overview

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TOEFL Test Preparation

In this course, you can complete units on the TOEFL’s speaking, reading, listening and writing sections in order to fully prepare for the exam. You will see and hear real-life examples of test questions, and apply test-taking strategies to assist performance.

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Read long passages similar to those found on standard English exams. Answer complex, multi-part reading comprehension questions.
Strengthen your English skills by reading academic passages on a variety of topics. Through practice, you will become familiar with common question types found in the reading sections of the TOEFL.
Develop and sharpen your speaking skills by listening to a variety of native English speakers answer the most common speaking prompts from the TOEFL.
Prepare for and strengthen your TOEFL listening skills. Challenge yourself with upper-level listening activities!
This unit contains guides to the most common writing prompts on the TOEFL exam. Also, study real-life examples of essays and learn how to conquer the most intimidating writing exams!
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This Class is Eligible for Certification

Students who complete the TOEFL Test Preparation course will receive certificates of completion to demonstrate their proficiency level.

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