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Accelerated learning with group classes online

Led by our certified teachers, group classes give you the opportunity to have real, interactive conversations in English with your peers.

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Expert Teachers

Expert teachers

Digi English teachers are certified experts in the science of teaching English and have logged thousands of hours helping learners like you from all over the world.

Expert Teachers

Flexible and convenient

You meet your teachers in virtual classrooms and you can join from work, on the road or from the convenience of your homes. Digi English teachers are available 24/7.

Expert Teachers


Every group class is focused on a particular topic or theme, allowing yous to practice using specific real-world scenarios that are relevant to you.

Building communities and creating new ways for you to interact with others

Digi English is building a robust community creating many ways for you to interact with other Digi’s.
Our Digi English teachers will open you to the world, our group classes provide unlimited opportunities for interaction and collaboration with learners around the globe by leveraging Voxy’s international reach.

Locally in Vietnam, we will have casual industry networking meetups: Digi English conversation gets together where everyone can practice speaking with a Native English speaker. Topics will vary based on interest.

Expert Teachers