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Digi English is changing the way Vietnam learns English

Digi English’s proven methodology allows learners to accomplish their specific goals more efficiently—using personalized and career-aligned courses.

Digi English is changing the way Vietnam learns English
Why digi english

Why Digi English?

Digi English, powered by Voxy, was created specifically to change the way Vietnam learns English. Digi English leverages the global community of Voxy, with greater than four million people in more than 150 countries who have changed their lives by learning English.
Our personalized, career-aligned courses include a fully integrated mobile app, live instruction with native English-speaking teachers and real-world content that’s updated every day.

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The English you need to succeed

Learn with a unique course designed to help you to achieve your goals with personalized and career-aligned courses.

Go Digital

Digi English’s online courses and integrated mobile app provide learners with a 21st-century experience.

Flexible learning with 100% native speakers

Study whenever, wherever you want and enjoy live tutoring 24/7 with certified 100% native English speaking teachers.

Authentic Content

Learn with fresh, real-world content from the best media outlets matched to your interests.

A Proven Methodology

Digi English is a proven innovative learning method with 10 years of experience.

For those serious about mastering English

A better education than every ESL center provides without the outrageous costs.

Katharine Nielson. PhD

“The vast literature on second language acquisition has shown that task-based learning and authentic content are the most effective ways to learn a language, and that informs how we’ve built Digi English.”

Katharine Nielson, PhD

Digi English Education Advisor
(Chief Education Officer, Voxy)

Improve your English proficiency

With the Digi English unique methodology, students learn fast and 
improve their level, based on world global standards.

Learner improvements

Learner Improvement

90% of Digi English learners improve their English proficiency.

The Digi English Proficiency Scale

The Digi English Proficiency Scale

The Digi English Proficiency Scale can be mapped to any proficiency scale in the world, including widely used global standards.

Activities and resources

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Test yourself and know more about your English proficiency to set your goals.

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Today, it is all about getting results.

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A new level of personalized language learning: introducing the needs analysis.

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